The Ford Bronco is back: Ford reveals 2021 Bronco SUV & Sport

Good news for terrain lovers and enthusiasts. This car is symbolic of America, and it returned after 24 years of absence. 

Ford paid heavily to invite a country music singer and two climbers to talk about the Bronco. They talked about a series of related stories that took 3 minutes to launch a new car that is a legendary symbol of the United States.

Ford shared that they will plan to challenge Jeep with Bronco especially in the off-road market. CEO of Berylls Strategy Advisors, an auto consultant at Royal Oak, said. “But the symbol is back with a vengeance. Ford means business. This is the shot in the hands that consumers and dealers want and need.”

The Bronco, built from 1966 to 1996, developed a cult following and now commands high prices from collectors. It was discontinued in the wake of the accused murderer O.J. Simpson’s attempt to elude police in a white Bronco on national TV in 1994.

Consumers will see the small Bronco Sport SUV in showrooms by the end of 2020. The two-door and four-door Bronco version will be released in the spring of 2021.

“We started this project several years ago,” said Winston Landin, Ford global director of consumer insights. “The foundational principle, in the beginning, was really the fact that the Bronco had already been a brand and there’s a strong heritage around the Bronco. That’s important because the vehicle would need to deliver what’s true for the Bronco – capability, durability,  and of course the design. There’s a lot of emotional connection that people had with this specific brand.”

The Bronco Sport Price

The launch of Bronco and Bronco Sport comes at a critical time for Ford. Ford executives have predicted very profitable profits in a market segment that has room for growth.

The Ford Bronco will be built at the automaker’s assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan. The Bronco Sport will be built at the Hermosillo plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. 

Ford has reported it expects to lose about $ 5 billion in the second quarter, so this product is considered a premium and essential product in the company’s portfolio. 

The price for the two-door 2021 Bronco begins at $29,995 for the base model, including destination fees. The four-door base model begins at $34,695 including fees.

In their process of remaking the SUV for the 21st Century, Ford designers spent thousands of hours in the field.

“We have done a lot of observation,” Landin said. “For example, we spent time with customers for a whole weekend. We would start on a Friday and go snowboarding, go on off-road adventures, hiking,  and bike trails, and camping.”

With this return, Ford removed the keys for the car because the key was identified as their “pain point”. 

Ford observers have noticed that all mirrors in the car are removable and need to be relocated so drivers don’t go without mirrors or have to buy aftermarket parts. So that element has been redesigned.

The problem of the removable door also presents a challenge. People are concerned about leaving the door at home on trips and feeling vulnerable. So Ford sought to store the doors in the car. 

This was the second major reveal from Ford within three weeks. The company revealed the redesigned Ford F-150 pickup on June 25. 

The company initially announced the Bronco reveal for July 9, which fell on the birthday of Simpson, perhaps the most famous Bronco passenger of all time.