American Auto Dealers Stimulated “Shock” To Survive The Covid-19 Epidemic

As the COVID-19 outbreak was showing signs of outbreaks in the United States. Procurement of supplies increased and other spending decreased. Like buying a car, bed jobs are few and likely not happening. Because users have a big problem that’s financially in this pandemic season. Especially when they lose income for a while and need to adjust their budget.

Therefore, forecasting that the US auto market sales in 2020 will be lower than in 2019. Some experts believe that the reduction rate can be very large.

This is a difficult time for the global economy in general and the whole US in particular. But now might be a good time to buy a car. Let’s see “shocked” quite “shocked” of the US car market at this time.

There are great deals

Several Chevrolet car dealerships in the US have just launched a series of attractive incentives to attract car buyers. This is the need for car dealers in the present time.

American Car Dealers

However, the “shock” incentive is not released indiscriminately, buyers need good credit ratings. 

Detroit automakers represented by the “power” trio of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler often proved to have breakthrough innovations to stimulate demand.

This has led to many influences to other car companies that have so few shocking promotions. Especially under the pressure of the current shopping crisis.

The latest is that Nissan has started offering a Rogue Sport 2019 model lease for as low as $209 a month or can be funded at 0% interest for 60 months. And customers can get a refund face up to 4,000 USD.

Besides the preferential deals “unbelievable” as above. The US car market at this time still has many favorable offers from other car manufacturers.

Increase deferred payment incentives

Currently, the supply of cars in the US is decreasing due to the impact of the disease. But, the large number of reserved vehicles, the vehicle industry is still surviving the season.


Because of the large supply of cars, the active dealers are offering strong incentives to pull buyers such as low financial interest rates or deferred payment payments within 6 months.

Many carmakers are also willing to offer deferred payments. Ford has just announced the “Build to Lend a Hand” program. In which the Ford Credit finance department pays the first 90 days of payment and then suspends the next 3 months to 6 months for all models available in 2019. and 2020, except for the Super Duty model.

FCA, Hyundai, Genesis, and Nissan are also involved in providing deferred payment payments to new car buyers.

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