Luxury Car - Mercedes-Benz GLE

Spectacular Usurpation Of The US Luxury Car Market

It took BMW 4 years to regain the No. 1 position in the luxury car market in the US from its brother – Mercedes-Benz. 

The automobile market in recent years has encountered a lot of certain difficulties. But it seems BMW has a pretty good preparation for this “storm”. And of course, BMW has “surpassed” its brother to occupy the leading position in the luxury car segment in the US. Let’s find out what led to that change.


Specifically, according to Bloomberg news, BMW’s 2019 sales reached 324,826 vehicles. Similarly, an increase of 4.4% compared to 311,014 vehicles of 2018. Thanks to SUV models such as the new X3, X5, and X7. In addition, the G20 Series 3 Series has also become the best-selling sedan since its launch on the US market in February last year.

Luxury Car - BMW 3 Series G20
Luxury Car – BMW 3 Series G20


Above all, “For the past two years we have been talking about having a product portfolio that fits the needs of the market. And we believe that with every new car model recently launched. We have achieved that, ”said BMW North America president and CEO Bernhard Kuhnt. He thinks that BMW has the youngest and most interesting product portfolio in the segment.


For Mercedes Benz , sales results in 2019 were not very satisfactory, with 316,094 units, an increase of only 135 units compared to 315,959 units of 2018. Although the company has launched the first A-Class and GLB models in the US market. , with “heavy” models like the new GLE and GLS.

Luxury Car - Mercedes-Benz GLE
Luxury Car – Mercedes-Benz GLE


After that, Lexus continued to rank third with sales of 298,114 vehicles in 2019, down 0.1% from 298,310 in 2018. Audi came next, with 224,111 units sold, an increase of only 0.4%. Followed by Acura (157,385 vehicles) and Cadillac (156,246 vehicles).


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